Flat-Pack Chair



The goal of this project was to design a 'flat-pack' piece of furniture and fabricate it using shop facilities.


Design Process

I used the open-source SketchChair tool for the design of the chair. This allowed me to make a orthographic sketch of my design, which it would process and calculate each profile I needed to cut.

The benefit of using this tool was that I could rapidly iterate my design without much effort, so I could focus on the design itself rather than the minutiae. SketchChair also allows for simulation of designs, so I could test my design before fabrication, which saved on material costs and fabrication time.

SketchChair Software

Image courtesy of SketchChair

CAM Processing

Packing and profile cut toolpath in MasterCAM

The final design was cut from 1 1/2 sheets of 3/4" Baltic Birch plywood. I chose to stain the pieces in two colors: Minwax MW1185 Classic Black for the legs and structure, and Minwax 231 Gun Stock for the slats.

Final Product