Milling out a slot for an adjustable bracket

Or, (2019)

This was a part of the deck track system that I machined on a knee mill for a production of Or,.


Cabaret (2018)

Installation of a unit for the CMU School of Drama’s Cabaret, directed by Tomé Cousin. Scenic Design by Jamie Phanekham. I cut, prepped, laid out, and worked on install for this piece.

Welded railings before fitout

Comedy of Errors (2019)

Welded safety railing for an elevated platform in the CMU School of Drama’s Comedy of Errors. Directed by Don Wadsworth. Scenic design by Sasha Schwartz. I cut, prepped, laid out, and tacked this piece. I did not perform the full welds.

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Mobile WOrkbench

During my time interning with PRG at their Scenic Technologies office in New York during the summer of 2019, I chose to spend some of my free time to hone my welding and metalworking skills to build a workbench in the style of a parallel platform. It folds flat, with a removable lid and diagonal supports for easy travel.