Flat Pack Chair

This chair is composed sans glue, screws, staples, or any other sort of mechanical fastener. The only force that keeps it together is a careful balance between gravity, tension, and compression. It is made entirely of 3/4” birch plywood and was cut on a CNC router. This project was for the Advanced Fabrication II class under Ben Carter, taken in fall of 2019.

Laptop Stand

Modeled in Autodesk Fusion360, then tool pathed using RDWorks for laser cutting. This was part of DigiTOOL with instructor Elizabeth Larson in Fall of 2018.

LEGO Paperweight

Modeled in Solidworks and tool pathed in MasterCAM to be milled on a HAAS 3-axis CNC mill. This was the final project for Intro to Manual & CNC Machining in Spring of 2019.

Mother Courage Box Model

This is a 3D-printed scale model of a scenic design of Brecht’s Mother Courage as part of the final project for Design for the Stage with professors Richard Block and Narelle Sissons in Fall of 2018. Scale is 1/8”=1’-0”. I used an Anycubic Photon DLP printer to produce the figures.