I am a graduate Mechanical Engineering student at Boston University with a background in technical theatre from Carnegie Mellon University. I balance my studies with personal creative work, like 3D printing, tinkering with micro-controllers, and graphic design. Whether it is work or play, I am committed to excellence and safety in everything I do. 

It may seem that engineering is a stark departure from my artistic roots, but there is a surprising harmony between art and engineering. This unique perspective I gained from my background in Drama sets me apart from many of my peers. Having honed my communication skills and creative thinking during my undergraduate years, I approach engineering challenges with an out-of-the-box mindset. Creativity and innovation are integral to engineering, as they are to any artistic endeavor. As an artisan, I am driven by a deep passion for my craft. I see myself as a creative visionary, constantly seeking ways to apply my technical knowledge to bring my unique vision to life.

Ultimately, my undergraduate degree in Drama and subsequent graduate degree in Engineering represent a unique fusion of creativity and technical expertise. This combination allows me to approach challenges from multiple angles, infusing my work with innovation, empathy, and a deep appreciation for the transformative power of both the arts and technology.